A different
kind of music

Wallflower Audio offers post-production, songwriting and beat production services that will bring your creative vision to life. Regardless of your creative process or style, we will be able to bring you the best outcome possible with our diverse skill set. We have all the proper post production tools to allow each style to pop in it’s own unique way.

We strive to give you an environment that allows you to express who you are, while delivering a final product that is of professional quality and meets your creative desires. We will work with you anywhere in the world and anywhere in your creative process. With every step catered to you, it makes it easy to get lost in your music and love your end result.



Morgan Kelly
Produced and Engineered

Worth It (Alright)

Gemini Phoenix
Fully Engineered

Voices of Sun

Christian Fortner Music

Nothing's Wrong


At The Movies

Phil Roach
Fully Engineered

In Love I Could Be

Natalie Wright
Fully Engineered

Risking It

Raynna Rivera
Fully Produced and Fully Engineered

As The Sun Sets

Mikayla Laird
Fully Produced and Fully Engineered




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